Brad Georgi
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If you want bubble gum, mindless pop, or life’s-a-bowl-of-cherries music, don’t waste your time listening to Brad Georgi of Spunday Mourning.  He offers message-based music that’s like poetry with some rhythm and melody in the background. 

A prolific writer, Georgi wrote dozens of songs and poems just during the year he spent in Pike County Jail for frowned-upon gardening.  “Writing was the only thing that could cure my insomnia,” he said.  “I’d be up until 4 in the morning in my cell, trying to catch whatever light I could through the bars to free the lyrics that were trapped in my head.”

Since he started his first band, “Small Town Stupid”, Georgi has worked hard to hone his craft.  He’s been a musician for 18 years now, but might never have started playing if not for a skateboard accident.  His friends got him an acoustic guitar to help him pass the time while he recuperated from a broken knee.

Georgi talks about a love/hate relationship with music.  He’s taken long breaks from it to zone out in front of the television—sometimes for years.  Thankfully, he always comes back to his passion.  His current band, “Spunday Mourning” got its name from those days you wake up trying to figure out what your life is about, hoping it’s more than the latest rut you’ve gotten yourself into.

Georgi is a favorite at the Woodstock Reunions at Yasgurs’ Farm, in Bethel, NY, and a regular at festivals such as the annual Froggy Day Festival in Narrowsburg, NY and the Culture Fest in Pipestem, West Virginia.

Nick Roes

Nick Roes is a singer/songwriter and artist from upstate NY. His music helps us appreciate all the most common things in life, which we usually pass by a hundred times a day without noticing.

In the past three years, Nick has released three full length CDs and several singles.  His catalog of original music includes more than 40 songs, with listeners in 58 countries.

His complete catalog of songs is HERE ON YOUTUBE


Marc Satz
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Marc Satz's music is a blend of everything that made the 60s and 70s a Renainassance of Music.  His influences include the Beatles, Moody Blues, and Simon and Garfunkel.  Classically trained, Marc has also been influenced by Baroque and Romantic symphonic productions.  And he also loves ragtime jazz.

A prolific writer, Marc has been driven to continue to create throughout his entire life--over 250 original compositions and still counting.  He plays guitar, keyboard,  sitar, tamboura, and percussion.

Laurie Stuart
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Laurie Stuart is a singer/songwriter/artist who is obsessed with the idea that people who don't agree need to speak with one another.  She promotes civic and civil conversation as Publisher of the River Reporter.

Laurie is firmly convinced that through reflection and practice, we all have the capacity for healthy relationships—with each other and our planet.  This belief forms the basis of her music.

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